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Kybella® is a minimally invasive prescription medicine used to treat moderate to severe fat below the chin, also known as "double chin", in adults. Double chin is a common condition in both men and women, often caused by aging, genetics, and weight gain. Kybella® disrupts the fat cell by destroying its cell membrane, and the body naturally metabolizes the fat contents.

During and after your Kybella treatment, the area under the chin will be cleaned, and injection areas will be marked with a pen along the jawline and beneath the chin. The injections may cause mild discomfort, but a local anesthetic is used to make the process as comfortable as possible. Some soreness around the injection sites is expected.

Kybella has several benefits, including being a non-surgical treatment that typically takes about 15-20 minutes in-office. It can be customized to help you achieve your individual treatment goals and usually does not require additional treatments once your aesthetic goal is achieved. It also requires minimal to no downtime and does not require a post-procedural compression garment.

While some improvement may be seen after one treatment, additional treatments are usually needed to eliminate all the excess fat and refine the appearance of the chin. Most patients are able to achieve their desired results within four treatments.

The cost of your Kybella injections will depend on the number of treatments needed to attain your desired results. HealthPartners Plastic Surgery offers financing options to make the payment process more manageable for patients. The cost of your treatment and any other questions you may have can be addressed during the consultation process.

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